City Wide Clean Up Day!


This is ONLY for Polk City Residents living within the City Limits of Polk City.  The purpose of the City Clean-Up is to help residents dispose of clutter caused by bulky waste. Place all of your items at the curb the night BEFORE. Do NOT put on carts or trailers. STACK / DO NOT DUMP IN A PILE. Please and thank you!

Items you may place at the curb:

  • Household furniture and other items not normally collected with your trash pick up
    • Tables, chairs, mattresses, bed frames, dressers, night stands, lights, couches, recliners, cabinets, doors, windows, electronics, carpet(cut down to size), bicycles patio furniture, grills (propane tank must be removed) swing set (cut down to size)
  • Weight limit of 150lbs per item
  • Maximum length of 5’ (except furniture)
  • All electronics WILL be accepted at the curb this year including televisions, VCR/DVD, cell phones, Computer Monitors

Items only accepted at the Maintenance Shop between 8am and noon May 5th

(These items will NOT be taken at the curb)

  • Appliances, oil and batteries
  • Heaters, Kitchen Appliances, air conditioners, microwaves, furnaces, and washers/dryers
  • Vehicle Passenger Tires (NO agricultural or semi-tractor/trailer tires, bicycle or solid tires such as lawnmower or cart tires) 5 Tire Limit

**Landscape waste is accepted at Polk City’s recycling area year round during specified hours**

Items NOT accepted at the curb OR shop (check with Hazardous Waste for acceptance 515.967.5512)

  • Dirt, sod, concrete, brick, asphalt, railroad ties
  • Vehicle parts, lawnmowers
  • Building materials
  • Decking materials
  • Metal
  • Chemicals
  • Gas or Oil
  • Paint or thinners, solvents, antifreeze
  • Toxic materials, radioactive materials
  • Compressed gas cylinders
  • Hazardous waste
  • Ammunition


Please use this link to get all the information on the city wide clean up day. 

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