North Polk Key Club Chuck Long Book Sale & Fenders Brewing

Key Club is a student led service program for high school students providing members with opportunities to serve, build character, and develop leadership sponsored by the Polk City Kiwanis Club.

Chuck Long’s team wanted to target youth leadership. Fenders also donated a portion of the proceeds from the night’s sales. This donation will be used for Key Club members to attend Key Club International conferences and leadership opportunities and provide a Key Club scholarship.

Co-Owner Steve Crann of Polk City’s Fenders Brewing donated $450, a portion of the proceeds from their recent Chuck Long book sale and signing event, to the North Polk Key Club.

PHOTO: Kiwanis Co-Presidents Bill Sharp and Al Burrows, Alley Cromley, Key Club VP and Noah Wille, Key Club President and Fender’s Co-Owner Steve Crann

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